Another Masterpiece Garage Tampa makeover in Valrico Fl

Here are photos of a garage floor and cabinet job we completed in 2 days.

We first removed the existing garage coating (notice how bad it is peeling and flaking) with our diamond grinder.

Next we filled any cracks and divots that were visible in the garage floor.

The vapor barrier and paint chips were applied to the properly prepared garage floor (no peel up now, lifetime guarantee)!

Day 2:
We applied the polueura clear coat and let it dry. 3 hours later we returned and installed our charcoal garage cabinets. (these also come with a lifetime warranty)

In the end, another beautiful garage makeover!




Author: Tiana Gustafson

"Tiana Gustafson is the owner of Firefly Media and creator of the popular Freedom Planner. With her undergrad from Berklee College of Music and her Masters Degree in New Media Marketing from Full Sail University Tiana is passionate about teaching others how to create online marketing funnels that work."

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