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​Garage Cabinet Tampa: See Our Premium Selection

​Our Signature Series Garage Cabinets are custom built and designed to last. With 12 colors to choose from, they will compliment your new garage floor and give you plenty of storage options. Garage cabinets will help to organize and hide all that garage clutter every home is plagued with. You will now have more room to park, more room for the kids to play, and can finally be proud of leaving your garage door open.

What’s the process of getting our new garage cabinets installed?

Initially, we will schedule an appointment to meet with you. Here we will discuss your individual garage storage needs and then design a custom garage cabinet system specifically for you.

​Each individual garage cabinet job is custom made to order on a computerized CNC machine for the tightest tolerances and hardware fit. Once your new storage system is built we will install it for you. Most typical installations take a day or less.

​What are the differences between the Signature Series Garage Cabinets and other brands?

​We truly believe our Signature Series are some of the best garage cabinets available on the market. Our cabinets come with many features not offered by our local competitors or big box stores.

​Full Cabinet Back –

​Our garage cabinets are designed and built around a full size three quarter inch thick cabinet back. This is where the strength comes in and differentiates us from the rest. Most other cabinets have an open back design with a few 6” or less strips of wood called “nailers” attaching them to the wall. Not only is the cabinet attached in fewer places, this makes the cabinet weaker over time. Don’t be fooled by anyone else claiming to have a full back cabinet. Many cover this “flaw” with a cardboard backing or thin fiberboard over the nailers. This does not add to the strength of the cabinet.

​Construction –

​From the sides, top/bottom and also back, our cabinets are designed with dado joints connecting each piece together to form the “box” of the cabinet. With this, wood adhesive, and cabinet grade conformant wood screws there is no better way to build a cabinet. Others use butt to butt construction with staples or nails which lead to weaker joints. Every garage cabinet is attached to the wall with multiple screw and attachment points. If its an interior wall we screw into every stud available, concrete walls are connected with tap-con screws. On a larger pantry cabinet we typically use 12 to 16 screws.

​Material –

​All pieces, from the door to the back panel are made from a thermofused coated industrial grade wood. Industrial grade means there is more resin per square foot which leads to a stronger cabinet and less flex overall. The thermofused coating is a finish that is baked on with a heat press similar to Formica counter tops. This makes it more scratch resistant and easier to clean than the standard cold press melamine finish found on less expensive cabinets.

​Shelves –

​Shelves are what eventually support all the weight in the storage cabinet. The longer or wider the shelf is, no matter what material it’s constructed of the more prone it is to either slight bowing or total failure. We alleviate this problem with your choice of two options. Either a one inch thick shelf or a three quarter inch shelf that is reinforced with an aluminum support beam. Our preferred method is the aluminum support as not only does it strengthen the shelf, it adds a nice finished and protected edge to the shelf itself. All our shelves are adjustable. Our cabinets are strong enough that fixed shelves are not necessary to hide weaknesses. Shelves are supported by steel shelf pins, not cheap plastic ones that become brittle and break from the Florida heat.

​Hardware –

​We make the choice easy by including many upgrade options as a standard feature. All doors are attached with 6 way adjustable European hinges for a clean tight fit. Each cabinet door comes with a 15” steel barrel handle for a stronger and more modern look. Many other cabinets come with a small plastic handle if any at all. If you choose a design that incorporates a workbench and drawers rest assured we don’t skimp here either. Every drawer is supported with a set of fully extendable ball bearing drawer slider as opposed to a flimsy single wheel plastic track. If the cabinet design requires cabinet feet (typically it doesn’t as our cabinets are strong enough to be attached to the wall only) we have 2 colors of metal cabinet legs available, not cheap plastic feet that break with too much load on them.

​Colors –

​Garage cabinets can also look nice besides just being functional. We offer 8 standard colors, not one or two like other cabinet manufacturers. With 14 colors to choose from we will help you match garage cabinet system to your new garage floor or your unique taste.















We had our garage floor finished by Masterpiece garage last month. We are very pleased with the results. Jarret give us what we though was a very fair price ... Masterpiece garage showed up when they promised, and delivered what they said they would, a BEAUTIFUL new garage floor for our new home. I would highly recommend them and would definitely use them again!!!!!

Deborah Pike

Had the garage mostly finished today by Masterpiece. To say I'm happy is an understatement. The floor and cabinets are perfect. Jarret and his crew did it fast and for the quote provided. They were even able to work into my crazy remodeling schedule. Highly recommend. The neighbor like it so much they ordered on the spot after seeing it! I'll get a better video when I get everything organized but you'll get the idea.

Tim Russell

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