Get your junk off of the floor and out of the way. Masterpiece Garage of Tampa Bay carries and installs industrial strength overhead shelving in 8 sizes to fit your garage storage needs. Able to hold up to 600 pounds, our overhead storage system is the ideal place to store all those bulky items that just won't fit in a cabinet. We also offer a unique overhead storage rack that manually lowers itself from ceiling to floor with the twist of a crank. No ladders needed. Call Masterpiece Garage of Tampa Bay now for more information on our innovative overhead storage systems.

Overhead storage shelves are a perfect way to store your hurricane shutters in your garage until they are needed. Out of the way but easily accessible we have the right size to fit your needs.
Hurricane Shutters:
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Above is a white 4x8 overhead storage rack installed above the garage door.
Above are 2 white 4x8 overhead ceiling racks installed above the garage door.
Above is a 4x8 overhead storage rack installed in front of the garage door.  This allows more storage space if you have lower ceilings
In this garage we installed a 2x6 overhead storage shelf,  This allowed it to fit between the front wall and the garage door
The photo above shows 2 4x8 overhead storage shelves installed side by side above the garage door.  Plenty of storage, out of sight.
These two 4x8 overhead ceiling racks are in the front of the garage.  This allows a lower drop for more overhead storage.
These 4x8 overhead storage shelves are pictured before any items have been placed on them.  A great way to achieve more overhead storage space.
Here are two more 4x8 overhead storage racks installed in a garage.  What better way then using overhead ceiling racks to utilize all that extra space in your garage.
Do you need a bigger garage? If so, look up!
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If you are running out of storage space in your garage or work shop we've got a suggestion, look up.  You probably have a lot of unused space in your garage.  Masterpiece Garage is proud to be an official installer of Onrax overhead storage shelves.  By having us install one or more Onrax units you can now take advantage of all that space you allready own.
The 4x8 unit is the most popular ceiling storage rack we carry, it can hold up to 800lbs.  Built out of 14 gauge steel and powder coated in 2 color choices (white or silver/gray).
Our new Onrax overhead shelves now come with the all new Euro Deck option.  Gone is the wire deck that flexes, bends, scratches and rusts.  The new Eure Deck is also powder baked to match the unit, has an increased storage capacity, and is stronger since the deck is actually screwed to the frame instead of just sitting on it.  Please call us now for more details on this exciting new overhead storage option!
Its time to get all those oversized boxes, christmas decorations, storage bins and other large sized items off the floor and out of the way.  Give Masterpiece Garage of Tampa Bay a call today.  We will be more then happy to come to you and help to determine the best place to install our Onrax Overhead Storage Shelves. Call us at:
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