We offer additional garage storage and organization options for our clients.


Overhead Storage Racks

If you have too many containers or boxes on the floor, and see a lot of wasted space in the upper corners of your garage, our overhead garage storage racks are the answer for you.   Constructed out of heavy duty powder coated steel each rack we install has a weight capacity of 600 pounds  Ceiling mounted overhead storage racks are the best solution to utilize all that wasted space up above.

Wall Mounted Shelving

Not enough room for a ceiling rack?  Our wall mount shelving only sticks out 2 feet and can be customized for any wall length.  With over sized wall brackets, we utilize tap-con concrete screws or mount directly to the wall studs.  This give each 4 foot section of shelving a 300 pound weight capacity.

Slat Wall:

Too many tools laying around?  Kids toys need a place to hang?  Our slat wall system may be your answer.  With hundreds of hooks and baskets available, there are not many items that can not be hung on a wall with slat wall.

Bike Mounts:

Believe it or not, bicycles seem to take up the most floor space in the garage.  There are many bike hooks out there, but ours in one of the few that makes it easy to hang your bicycle on the wall, and allows them to swing flat and out of the way.  When the bracket isn’t being used it folds up and practically disappears until you need to use it again.